[HowTo] From MS Access to SQL Server

Some days ago, when I was ar work, I had a "small" problem:
I must import a MS Access database to a SQL Server Database

At the first time, I thinked the follows idea:

Other idea? Oh yes ... I think to use the ADP. What do you do? Read it step by step:

  1. On SQL Server create a new database (data destination)

  2. On MS Access: File -> New -> "project using existing data..." and select the server (SQL) and the database destination (it was created on step 1)

  3. On MS Access: Import the table from the mdb file (source database) and you can do it with: File -> Load External Data* -> Import

  4. Select all table (or only the table you need)

  5. Please wait ...

  6. When the process end, you can have the data on your SQL Server Database

Is it not difficult ;)

* I'm not sure of the name of this menu ... It's the 3th row under file.

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