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Disponibile la nuova versione di KPoGre. KPoGre è un tool che consente l'amministrazione di PostgreSQL. Ecco le informazioni tratte dal sito.
KPoGre is PostgreSQL administration tool for KDE. It uses libpgxx library - http://pqxx.org

Works with PostgreSQL 7.4.x or newer, requires libpgxx 2.6.9 or newer.

Incorporated KatePart. Now this powerfull toy is used for editing SQL's, and Text/XML CLOB's in Datatable.
See (on project web) tutorials "Querying database" and "Edit tables" to learn more about new features.

Added "Query table" and "Query view" to context menus, it launch query/result window with table/view name inserted in SELECT statement

When query/result window is opened for different schema than public, SQL editor contains "SET search_path TO schema" as first statement

Fixed Wizards for create/modify user with encrypted password"

Login dialog shows again, when login failed

Fixed sorting in function arguments list

Aggiornamento alla versione 1.6.2 avvenuto in data 02/04/2008

La pagina del progetto è "KPoGre KDE-Apps"

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